Word from our Founder

Every single member of our team, works and lives according to the motto; ‘Do good, One for humanity, one for your family and one for yourself’- in this order. As our professional backgrounds are in behavioral neuroscience, engineering, applied and theoretical medical research, rehabilitation and exercise and sports science, we have dedicated our lives to help and to improve the performance and the quality of life for each person we have had the opportunity to work with. The moment came when we felt that the time and our knowledge aligns properly to do something extraordinary for humanity. That is how we began our journey and established The Movement Company in 2017.

About Us

We are a stealth applied research and development company with more than 30 years of scientific development experience.

Our vision is that Civilization equals Movement. No matter where you look everything that surrounds you is a result of a skill or a movement. In the digital age, while we are constantly processing and trafficking information most of us overlook the fact that thoughts alone never changed anything, nothing else but target oriented skillsets created civilization. The World exists because we took action and expressed our thoughts through movement.

The Movement Company is building the first platform to store, analyze and deliver human movement data utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company through its functions and services completes the mission of patenting and copyrighting “Human Movement”.

The Movement Company Platform will focus on three synergistic elements


An ever-evolving and growing repository of movements (blocks) and resultant actions (skill sets).


Based upon the database, will be able to learn more effective sets (skills) and convey them to users. This will be significantly superior to the traditional physical learning model of trial and error and linear observation. Movement AI ™ evolves through quantifiable non-linear intelligence based upon parameters of the requester/project goal and the objective observation of signals toward a desired or improved outcome.


A predictive active marker system that relies upon active analysis of real-time movement data to generate more effective real-time perceptive decision making and interpretive data modeling.